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CASA   collection were made in Guadalajara, Mexico. It presents images from Mexican culture. Astrological elements; Sol the sun, Luna the moon, Estrella the star and Mexican beliefs; God of death and saints.

All pieces are made using traditional technique of die-struck from the 16th century. Which align with our aim to preserve and pass the traditional jewelry making techniques to passed through the generations. All pieces are specially made from 10ct Gold. 

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Estrella E. Estrella E.

Estrella E.
IDR 425,000

Miro E. Miro E.

Miro E.
IDR 325,000

Cas E. Cas E.

Cas E.
IDR 425,000

Moro E.

Moro E.
IDR 395,000

Cora E. Cora E.

Cora E.
IDR 435,000

Cielo E. Cielo E.

Cielo E.
IDR 465,000

Madre E. Madre E.

Madre E.
IDR 465,000

Caso E. Caso E.

Caso E.
IDR 465,000

Mar E.

Mar E.
IDR 465,000

Tres E. Tres E.

Tres E.
IDR 425,000

Sol Pendant Sol Pendant

Sol Pendant
IDR 775,000

Oro E. Oro E.

Oro E.
IDR 325,000

Tierra E. Tierra E.

Tierra E.
IDR 355,000