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The Line The Line

The Line
IDR 295,000

The Curve The Curve

The Curve
IDR 295,000

Alphabet Stud

Alphabet Stud
IDR 185,000

Yumi Earrings Yumi Earrings

Yumi Earrings
IDR 575,000 IDR 402,500

Beam Earrings Beam Earrings

Beam Earrings
IDR 285,000

Arc E. Arc E.

Arc E.
IDR 375,000 IDR 262,500

Nood E. Nood E.

Nood E.
IDR 425,000 IDR 297,500

Plait Brooch Plait Brooch

Plait Brooch
IDR 425,000 IDR 318,750

Capricorn E. Capricorn E.

Capricorn E.
IDR 275,000

Aquarius E. Aquarius E.

Aquarius E.
IDR 275,000

Pisces E. Pisces E.

Pisces E.
IDR 275,000

Aries E. Aries E.

Aries E.
IDR 275,000

Taurus E. Taurus E.

Taurus E.
IDR 275,000

Gemini E. Gemini E.

Gemini E.
IDR 275,000

Cancer E. Cancer E.

Cancer E.
IDR 275,000

Leo E. Leo E.

Leo E.
IDR 275,000

Virgo E. Virgo E.

Virgo E.
IDR 275,000

Libra E. Libra E.

Libra E.
IDR 275,000

Scorpio E. Scorpio E.

Scorpio E.
IDR 275,000

Sagittarius E. Sagittarius E.

Sagittarius E.
IDR 275,000